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The user is solely liable for damages caused to third parties by using materials under the preceding paragraph. Any person who sends in any way information or materials to the Site assumes the obligation not to prejudice in any way the copyright or other rights that a third party could invoke related to material and information transmitted in any way in the site and the persons that sends information or materials in any way understand and accept that breaching this obligation in any way can not engage in no way the responsibility of the Site Administrator, but only the responsibility of those persons.

If you find that a copy of your personal material is available on the site without your consent or that it violates the copyright, please notify us stating:

  • a description of the material;

  • where can be found on the site;

  • address, phone number and your e-mail.

1. Information supplied by members

When you complete the enrollment questionnaire and give us details about yourself, you agree to use them to create your profile. Of course some information that can identify you - name, address, email, phone numbers etc, are strictly confidential, will not be displayed on the site and will not be provided to any third party, unless the law obliges us. On your turn, you have to respect our policy of maintaining the security and confidentiality of information.


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The user must have the skills, hardware and software needed to use the Internet and understand that the characteristics and constraints of the Internet involve that the security, validity and integrity of data transmissions on the Internet cannot be guaranteed.

We do not guarantee that the services of will work if the user activates programs disables pop-ups, add-ons or some antivirus software. In this case, the programs must be stopped before using the service.

We do not guarantee that the services will be functional if the user's internet provider it is not able to provide its services properly. In this context, we can not be held responsible for malfunction or intermittent service. Moreover, because of the specificity of the browsers Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, users that access the site using these browsers may experience problems that cause malfunction. Applications for smartphones are only available for users who own a smartphone and have an internet connection.

In these conditions, we provide no guarantee that the services will operate without interruption or error. In particular, using the site can be interrupted at any time for purposes related to the maintenance, technical improvements, updates or developments of content and/or presentation of the site. When is possible, we will inform users before performing these works.

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3. NON-WARRANTIES offers the site services as they are, but makes no warranty for:
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  • errors, interruptions or loss of connection

  • any complaints about site functions or appearance

  • any malfunctions that prevent access to Internet

The administrator of draws attention to the fact that some users of ask other users, under various pretexts, to transfer money or make promises they do not intend to comply with. The administrator of have no liability to any promises or commitments taken by the users of to other users of, to how these commitments are met or breached or to any money transfers made between users of, the solely responsible being the users of


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